Pre-Made Meals to Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Please note: **Delivery is only a temporary service. We will soon be establishing a pick-up location.**

You will receive a Bounty Delivery on Monday and a second Bounty on Wednesday.

Place your order for the entire week all at once.

Click on the item for nutritional information. **Now providing macros!!!

Each order has two servings. Nutritional information is per serving.

Ordering closes Wednesday at 7:00 PM

For now, we are delivering between 8 am and 6 pm. One delivery on Monday and another on Wednesday.

Your Bounty will arrive fresh and chilled. So have a cooler or refrigerator available.

If you have a special request for delivery time, please put it in the “Order Comments” section.

(It’s after you click the “checkout” button.)

Orders are for delivery the week of Sept 20th


You are a beautiful reflection of the image of the divine. You were created to enjoy a life of abundance – to relish the creation that surrounds you. The Annestasis process is one of stepping into that fullness with enthusiasm, of proclaiming your integral part in the patterns of the universe.  You deserve serenity. You deserve joy. You deserve health. You deserve to be NOURISHED. We’re here to help you NOURISH yourself. 

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